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The World Places Encyclopedia

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Interested in better knowing our amazing planet but you don't have the time or money to do it?

Maybe your health or your physical condition no longer allow you to travel and explore places as you would like to?

Or simply you want to have fun discovering places and curiosities that you would never have imagined?


From latin: "LOCUS", "Place, Site" and greek: "PEDIA (Paideia)", "Training, Capacitation, Education". Compendium of places.

The World Places Encyclopedia

Whichever your age, physical conditions or current circumstances are, now

you can easily find and explore our whole blue planet from home in a very pleasant way!

Discover and find here all THE MOST INTERESTING SITES OF THE WORLD. Find here the biggest collection of castles, sanctuaries, archaeological ruins, natural places, abandoned villages, etc. throughout the entire World. An essential tool for every traveler, explorer and adventurer who does not want to miss a single of the sights on planet Earth. Enjoy the most complete and fascinating virtual tours worldwide!

Enjoy the endless adventure of discovering the World with the LOCUSPEDIA!! Beacuse in this website you can get the best tools to discover the World, our amazing and wonderful planet, pletoric of life, cultures, traditions and countless beautiful places to discover and explore. We invite you to discover the extraordinary beauty of its great diversity and contrasts, living the great adventure of finding extraordinary places at every step.

Find thousands of places of exceptional interest and beauty that you can discover and explore in the World. Thousands!

All them places worth discovering and tasting.

The most wonderful natural sites, majestic sanctuaries, legendary castles, remote and startled abandoned sites, ancient archaeological sites...,

With LOCUSPEDIA now you can get to know and explore the World like never before!

LOCUSPEDIA is the tool that allows you to easily identify and explore all the most interesting places in the World while doing virtual trips with your computer or smart device using GOOGLE Earth (or any similar application). Now with directly accessible associated information from wikipedia for many of the top sites!

LOCUSPEDIA is the fruit of a long time of research and data collection and has been created with the aim of making the user enjoy while providing him a much better knowledge of what is in our wondeful blue planet, expanding his explorer spirit every day.

With LOCUSPEDIA and Google Earth the World is in your hands!


Thousands of interesting places to discover in the world!

LOCUSPEDIA offers you the exact location of the most interesting places on Earth! Yes, all the most interesting sites of our dear blue planet! And you can easily and comfortably find and explore them directly from your desk!

Locate easily the top sites of the entire world: towns, castles, palaces, sanctuaries, natural landscapes, abandoned places, archaeological sites, unique monuments, singular constructions... and explore them virtually from the sky. All these amazing places in the World can be visited in a simple and comfortable way. Explore the entire planet with your smart device and get to know it like never before!

Simply select the placemarks of your interest and directly fly to the sites, read their description (when included) and see all the photos placed around the place. Certainly, with these tools you can get a very, very good idea of how every place is like, and you can do this for everyone of them!


Spend all the time you want exploring and enjoying the experience of learning more and more about our planet without any effort nor danger and with no additional cost than the affordable acquisition of the tool!

The World is in your hands with this LOCUSPEDIA!

Do not miss it!

The World Places Encyclopedia

LOCUSPEDIA is the result of a long effort of research and data collection and has been created with the aim of helping the user enjoy the best virtual trips around the world without moving from home.


We are convinced that this will be the case and that the small investment made by the user to get the tool and our effort to create it will have been completely worth.

TCS Adventure

The ultimate tool to discover the World
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